I love solving user interface problems and creating the best user experience possible by finding the right balance between emotion, usability, empathy and aesthetics.

Here's a short list of things I can help you with :
🧠 — Concepting projects from ideas to Design
💡— Design Thinking
☑️  Elaborating a complex Design System
📱 — Web responsive & Mobile App interfaces Design
🎬 — Interactive prototype 
🖥️ — HD mock-up
— Leading development of your visual identity
🎨 — Digital illustration
Also I'm good at :
▪️Solving UI problems
I am convinced that Design can always provide an answer to the most complex issue encountered by users. As a dedicated learner and passionate Designer, I love solving UI complex problems and keep a deep understanding of my users.
Endowed with an important empathy for others, I like to ensure that the user is having the best possible experience and that feedback is always listened to, analyzed and applied.
Because Design is a great vector of emotion, I am careful to keep my aesthetic trendy and neat.
▪️Digital Design
Do you remember that student in class who drew all the time in the margins of her notebooks? She has since discovered Graphic Design and vectors. And right now you are currently browsing her portfolio.
After my first coffee in the morning, I usually become a great storyteller.
Curiosity is a flaw only when it comes to stalk your neighbor. But it's a quality when it comes to seek for new trends.
I had the opportunity to live in 7 different countries which gave me a very good ability to adapt myself in any kind of environment and keep my mind open.
Also my mom says I'm cool.
Because sharing is caring, I love to open up to the knowledge and skill of the different teams with whom I work. 
Does that sound like a match? ​​​​​​​
— CV upon request —
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