01. Concept​​​​​​​
Homity is a UX / UI Design project made during the fall of 2020. This is a personal challenge with the goal of exploring UX / UI on mobile.
This project was thought to make communication and discussion easier within a shared home place. The mobile app offers the possibility of setting a specific schedule designed for each roommates as well as an overview of the tasks carried out in the previous months / weeks so that everyone is left with a fair number of things to do in the house / apartment.
Living in a shared apartment is not always an easy task despite the advantages it brings. It can be hard to remain diligent or, on the contrary, to be brave enough to ask for a better distribution of household chores.​​​​​​​
18 - 35 y/o people who live with roommates and are used to smartphones & mobile apps.
My roles:​​​​​​​
UX Design
Brainstorming — User journey — Interviews — Personas
Zoning — Wireframes — User testing​​​​​​​

Art Direction
Graphic Chart — Branding
Design System
Creation of the Design system

Interface Design

Creation of HD wireframes
02. Brand Identity
Color palette
03. Persona​​​​​​​
👉 Jeanne
🇺🇸American  🎂29 y/o
▪️Marketing Specialist
▪️Lives in a flat located in Brooklyn with 3 other people
▪️Main tenant
▪️Is used to share her place with people
▪️Close to one of her roommates
▪️Does not really know the last guy that moved in
▪️Often goes on business trip
▪️Pay all the bills and needs to remind people to refund her
▪️Hates claiming money because she does not want to bring discomfort ​​​​​​​
👉 Gauthier
🇫🇷French  🎂19y/o
▪️Uni student located in Toulouse (FR)
▪️Lives in a 2 floors house with 2 of his best friends
▪️First time he experiences living with people
▪️Has trouble managing his budget and planning household chores
▪️Often forgets to shop things
▪️Goes out as much as he parties at home
▪️Comes home to his parents at least once every two months
👉 Martina
🇮🇹Italian 🎂34 y/o
▪️Yoga teacher in an Amsterdam-based agency but can also work from home 
▪️Lives in a 3 floors house located in a residential area of the city
▪️Recently moved in 
▪️Doesn't know her roommates very well whom she struggles to see because everyone is often busy
▪️Feels like the only one doing the housework over long periods
▪️Sometimes receives clients at home and needs the house to remain tidy and clean as often as possible
▪️Is uncomfortable talking about money with people​​​​​​​
👉 Reda
🇲🇦Moroccan  🎂25 y/o.
▪️Student in a business school located in Paris and works as a bartender some evenings and weekends
▪️Lives in an 3 bedrooms flat with his 22 years old brother
▪️Has already lived several years in shared places in Lyon and Montreal unlike his brother that never lived by himself before
▪️Shares his place to save money as much as possible
▪️Feels that he does more housework than his brother and also pays more bills than him while they both have student jobs
▪️Seeks to communicate with his brother without getting upset
04. Design
Never miss a thing
Homity helps you enjoy living with roommates by equitably sharing household chores and payment of bills thanks to alarms and reminders.
It never been so easy
Having with roommates means sharing tasks and chores. Homity is here to help you coordinate with the people you live with by staying one click away to contact your roommates and your landlord!
Stay updated…
Keep your planning updated and check what your roommates have to do.
…and fair!
Pay your bills on time and request money when needed.
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