01. Concept
Remot is a chatbot plug-in to help office workers request a remote day because working from home is the key to significantly reducing your Carbon footprint.
My roles:​​​​​​​
UX Design
User journey — Interviews — Personas — User testing
Art Direction
Graphic Chart — Branding
Design System
Creation of the Design system

Interface Design

​​​​​​​Creation of a landing page — Creation of corporate web interfaces
02. Brand Identity
Color palette
03. Persona
👉 Kate
🇫🇷British  🎂27 y/o
▪️Works as an Art Director in an Amsterdam-based creative agency
▪️Lives 50min away from her workplace
▪️Sensitive to Global Warming but does not know what to do to reduce her Carbon footprint
▪️Has a pretty friendly relationship with her manager
▪️Loves travelling but doesn't have much days-off to ask 
▪️Doesn't have to deal with clients and can easily work from home
👉 Mattias
🇫🇷French  🎂33 y/o
▪️Sales in a Barcelona-based start-up
▪️His manager has a very busy schedule and has little time to devote to him
▪️Daddy to a 3 months old baby
▪️Used to have meetings on Teams
04. Design
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