01. Concept​​​​​​​
In 2018, I started to work for Witbe Inc. as a Brand Designer within the Marketing team based in New York City. In 2020, I was asked to create a new logo, a whole new color library and also taking care of the visual design of our new website.
Witbe is a company that provides technology for QoE testing and monitoring. They call their products the “robots”. Robots connect to real test devices and replicate end-user journeys to monitor the Quality of Experience of any digital service, on any device, through any network.
My roles:​​​​​​​
UX Design
Brainstorming — User journey — Zoning — Wireframes
User testing — A/B testing​​​​​​​
Art Direction
Enforcement — Benchmark — Updating & evolution 
of the Graphic Chart — Branding

UI Design

Creation of various interfaces in collaboration with R&D
(PO, UX, developers, CEO)  Work on appearance, accessibility,
optimization of responsive journeys
02. Brand Identity
Color palette
03. Mascot
The Witbe Mascot allows you to familiarize with the technology used in our products.

Mascot from 2016 to 2018

Actual mascot since mid-2018

04. Website
Landing page:

Responsive interfaces:
Made with 

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